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Imagine yourself in your vehicle; you are driving down the road, when you realize that you didn’t get back to a client who had called you before you left. You will place that call, but not on your cell phone. Instead you speak to what would used be a radio, but it is not a radio…

Dash Night Shot …It’s “Vois”, a voice activated speech recognition software that not only places phone calls, but allows you to dictate email, check a contact list on your computer, find your way around via integrated GPS, access your favorite music, entertain your passengers with movies, find a great restaurant, make a reservation, or browse the Internet all while keeping both hands on the wheel.

PNCS is completing development of the fifth generation of Vois, a patented, technically advanced, wireless voice and data software and systems envisioned for use within vehicles as well as a multitude of non-vehicular applications.

Vois is software that integrates hands-free, mobile communications, media, data and a mapping system that includes an integrated GPS and compass system for global positioning and navigation and interaction.

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Vois is answering the call that is being heard across the country and literally the world for a global voice and data communications and navigational system that is hands free, friendly, portable, and inexpensive.

PNCS seeks not only prominence in the development and distribution of in-vehicle terminal software and devices but also in the seamless integration of ‘Always On’ Internet connectivity, for both vehicular driven and non-vehicular driven sales channels alike.

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